Restaurant Menu

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Small Plates & Sides

Homemade Coleslaw
£ 2.00
Side Salad
£ 2.00
Chunky Fries
£ 2.50
Garlic Bread
£ 3.25
Baguette & Butter
£ 3.25
Cheesy Chunky Fries
£ 3.25
Beer Battered Onion Rings
£ 3.25
Cheesy Garlic Bread
£ 4.00
Soup Of The Day

Served with a baguette and butter

£ 5.00


Fresh Baguettes

Choose Two Fillings

Cheddar, Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce, Hot Sausage, Quorn Sausage, Red Onion, Jalapeno, Cucumber, Fried Onion, Coleslaw, Fish Fingers, Hash Brown, Homebaked Ham, Chutney, Fried Egg, Guacamole, Chicken Chunks, Mushrooms, Brie

£ 5.75

Choose two of the fillings from the list
Add an extra filling or Chunky Fries for 75p

Our Famous Burgers

Long John

4oz 100% Beef Burger on a bed of lettuce & burger sauce

£ 6.75
Mad Jacks

8oz Steak Burger with homebaked ham, cheddar, onion rings, barbecue sauce & side of coleslaw

£ 9.95

Charcoaled Chicken Breast with bacon, cheese, onion rings, barbecue sauce & side of coleslaw

£ 9.95

All Burgers are served in a lightly toasted bun with chunky fries & garnish
Add extra toppings for 75p each from cheddar, bacon, fried egg, mushrooms, fried onions, salsa, jalapenos, stilton, guacamole, brie

Fish & Seafood

Beer Battered Cod

With chunky fries, garden peas & garnish

£ 7.95
Wholetail Scampi

With chunky fries, garden peas & garnish

£ 8.95
Homemade Captains Pie

Locally sourced Smoked Haddock, Pollack, Prawns & Mussels in a parsley sauce topped with saute potatoes & melted cheese. Served with baguette & butter

£ 9.95

From The Griddle

Blackened Cajun Chicken
£ 11.25
8oz Sussex Prime Sirloin Steak
£ 13.75
Surf & Turf (Steak & Scampi)
£ 16.75

All dishes From The Griddle are served with chunky fries, onion rings, mushrooms, peas and either peppercorn sauce or garlic butter

Pub Favourites

Veggie & Vegan

Little Smugglers